Welcome to Lithium Care

Welcome to Lithium Care

Lithium care started by Mr Ramesh Sharma and Ms Manisha Sharma is a brand concentrating on renewable source of energy. We concentrate on giving proper and affordable solutions to companies and consumers looking to save money and the planet by supporting the green change.

We have started initially by providing street light solutions. The country spends more on the electricity bill of the lights than on the lights itself, so we felt this needed immediate attention, as lighting up the paths and streets isn’t cheap. We have tied up with experts in the same field to provide us with proper information and research that will help us in providing the best aid to our clients.

We only invest and sell solar street lights that are well built and tested, as we understand the fact that they are not put up just for a month or a year. Our lights have promising LED and solar panels that will never give up on you. Our warranty structure is also clear, so you don’t have to worry about getting your lights fixed if needed.

Currently, we have three major products in street lighting they are:

Solar Lithium LED street lights

Solar Lithium all in one street light

Solar Lithium floodlights

We have started taking up, both small and major orders. We do not disclose the pricing on the website as they can create confusion. Please contact us directly, to know all the details on our pricing methods. 

If you are not comfortable with a call we can also set up a meeting, the meeting of the Solar lithium street lights in Bangalore can be set up, one of our agents will visit you also providing a demo for your reference and satisfaction.

Saving energy is everyone’s duty, we adhere to providing the best quality and attention to any customers, big or small. By investing in our street lights you are not just saving your money but also saving the planet.


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