Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar LED Street lights

Advantages and Disadvantages of solar street lights

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar LED Street lights

As the world is getting more conscious about the environment and moving towards Eco-friendly products, people have started pondering if the movement is any good, especially with solar street lights as they save a lot of energy and money, but are they any efficient or if they will help in cost-cutting and more than anything will they work. 

Lithium Care has done its research with Solar Lithium LED street lights. Let us discuss this topic here in deep.

We started with a small factory who had an issue with the lighting in their factory area, either the security would forget to turn on the lights or they weren’t bright enough or they weren’t high enough. Our team arrived at the factory and the first thing we did was check the locations that needed the most lighting as they were on a budget, we explained to them how solar street lights could save energy and money (you can find our detailed blog here) compared to their regular electric lights, once they understood they agreed to install just two lights to start with. Our team arrived got it installed in just four hours. We set the lights to auto mode and left the premises after a final dark and light check.

After a month we returned to the owner and asked him to share his experience, he was pleased how the lights made his life so much easier with no wiring issues and his place looked neater than before. He also said how he completely forgot if the light existed and was routined to it.

Their security complained that in recent days the light would turn off a few hours before dawn. We looked into it and found four possible issues

  1. The panels weren’t angled properly
  2. It wasn’t sunny for more than four hours (It wasn’t the case)
  3. Dust was settled on the panel
  4. Problem with wiring

After scrutinizing we had realised due to the constructions going on in their next unit a thick layer of dust was settled on the panel and we recommended them to clean it at least once a week with the constructions going on, we checked the wiring just to be sure and since they were very new that wasn’t the issue at all.

Now let us get into more detailed advantages and disadvantages of the solar street lights

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

  1. High initial investment – This problem usually occurs when the customer is not fully aware of the lights or is in a very tight budget or isn’t thinking long term.
  2. Risk of getting stolen – If the lights are placed in a less secure area they have a risk of getting stolen as they have a higher monetary value compared to regular lights so they are an easy eye for thieves.
  3. Cleaning – Dust, mist or sand might accumulate on the panels if it is in an unmaintained area and there might be a risk of the battery getting less or no charge at all.
  4. Replacing rechargeable batteries – After four years you will have chances of the batteries getting exhausted which will lead to replacing costs, which can add up to the long time costs.

Advantages of Solar Street lights

  1. Extra Power – Our Advanced Lithium Technology has 3000 – 5000 life cycles and packs more energy density into our lithium-iron cells.
  2. Economic – Lithium Battery can save you up to 70% in weight as well as in costs compared to your outdated AGM or Lead Acid Batteries or electric run street lights.
  3. Less Maintenance – Lithium Battery technology is engineered to last a long time to result in making the battery system for maintenance reduced use. Fixing them up is also no rocket science.
  4. Smaller and better – Lithium batteries use the same sizing and form factor as your outdated street lights and lighter compared to halogen lights.
  5. Better aesthetic aspects – In the new world design matters everywhere, the sight of no wires hanging and light and neat design makes the lights look elegant.
  6. Eco-friendly – Save not just your money and time, but also you can contribute to a small share in saving the planet. Lithium technology is eco-friendly and widely promoted.

There are both advantages and disadvantages, but when you weigh them together you will notice the disadvantages can be easily taken care of. Lithium Care provides AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) which will help you deal with the disadvantages better. 

Lithium change is a good change, go for it.


  • Very informative, considering to get solar flood lights for my home.

  • was considering buying lights for my villas. Thanks for the response


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