How much should Solar Street Light Cost?

How much should solar street lights cost

How much should Solar Street Light Cost?

Solar Street Lights have made our lives easier with their advanced hassle-free technology. They are now widely used all over the globe embracing every industry, not only resorts and roads but also households have started adopting this technology because it is so simple and doesn’t require any diligence thinking on weather adopting it or not, but if you are still confused about making a buying decision you can find theĀ Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights here.

The cost of these lights have always been controversial, one will find a high price for a light whereas the price will be half of it somewhere else. There are several markets especially India who promise guarantee and warranties claiming their product is the same compared to others in the market, 95% of the times it is fake and it becomes important to understand the product before getting into it. How do we tackle this? or know if you are buying the right product. 

First, let us get into the factors that affect the Solar Street Lights pricing.

  1. Wattage (W) – The most basic and most important factor is the Watt of a LED lamp, Higher watt rating means higher illumination if you are confused about using the right amount of wattage for your need you can contact us. We will solve your queries and doubts.
  2. Lighting hours – Not all places have similar lighting hours of light, higher lighting hours means bigger capacity batteries, which will highly affect the budget of the light. Cold places with minium sunlight have this issue, since India at the equator, we have ample sunlight and can easily use the lights with standard battery capacities.
  3. Controller – Remotes and MTP controllers can cost additional, they are very important because once the lights are fixed on poles if you want to manually turn them on or off can be a big task with a remote.
  4. Waterproofing – IP65 waterproof rating is the best for Solar Street Lights, as the lights are used outdoor, waterproofing is very important, only buy IP65 rated lights, avoid buying lights without ratings as they can be misleading or fake.
  5. Installation and Maintenance Costs – This differs from companies to other, always make sure you discuss the costs beforehand with the vendor or they might cheat you later with low light costs and very high installation and maintenance, you can also decide if you can maintain them yourself, a professional is always recommended.
  6. Battery Quality – Though the outer body of the street lights might look tough from the outside, but the Lithium battery that is inside can be weak and in some cases old. Always prefer Lifepo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) batteries over Lithium-ion because they are ideal for outdoor use, are safe and have higher lifecycles.
  7. Solar Panel – There are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels, Monos are made from one single sheet of crystal hence they absorb more sunlight and charge the battery faster, polys are different panels cut into several pieces and then placed on the panel. 
  8. Certifications – Different countries have different rules and certifications, what local manufacturers do is sell the lights without certification saying it doesn’t matter, buying lights without BIS in India is illegal and professional companies will never sell Solar Street Lights without proper certification.
  9. Body material – Lights built with plastic will be cheaper than aluminium bodies, aluminium need not cover the whole body, if it is smartly placed at the required parts, it can save money and metal.

Always keep the above points in mind before making a buying decision, make sure you purchase in bulk so that the company can offer you it’s the best price, there are also other factors like warranties, build, BMS panels and many more to determine the cost. If you feel the cost of a light is too high you should always ask the company for more details, do no blindly trust industries that state they have their top-quality manufacturing.

We at Lithium Care always use Mono Crystalline panels and Lithium iron batteries to give the best satisfaction to our customers. We also discuss the AMCs and terms beforehand to make sure customers aren’t misled while working with us. We are a professional company who always sell and advice within the required certifications. We also give alternatives and pieces of advice if a light is not in the customer’s budget.

We love this eco-friendly technology and deem it should be adopted by all the so that sustainability is withheld.

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