Lithium iron phosphate Vs Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium iron phosphate Vs. Lithium-ion battries by Lithium Care

Lithium iron phosphate Vs Lithium-ion batteries

No doubt Lithium is the future of an eco-friendly and safe planet. Government is realising this and slowly trying to implement the lithium change in the country. It is imperative to start moving to an eco-friendly approach by implementing Lithium batteries before we pollute the cities any further. Lithium iron battery vs lithium ion battery is always a controversial topic.

Lithium batteries are better than Lead-acid because they store more power with less space and last much longer. Lithium batteries can have various compositions like Lithium iron phosphate, Lithium-ion, Lithium polymer, Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide and many more.

Lithium stays constant in the cathode composition of all batteries the only difference in the chemistry is created with the anode end of the batteries which help in storage and transfer of the Lithium ions. 

Among these various compositions, the most popular are lithium iron phosphate and Lithium-ion. They are often confused.

Let us clear the major differences between Lithium iron battery vs lithium ion.

Life cycles

Lifepo4 batteries have around 1000-10000 cyrongcles. Less degradation at higher temperatures. They can handle temperatures better than Lithium-ion and generally considered safer than Lithium-ion batteries. 

Lithium-ion have a life cycle around 500-1000 cyrongcles and temperatures can highly affect their performance making them unstable.

Energy Levels

Lithium-ion has a higher energy density than lithium iron. Lithium-ion can pack up to 150/200 Wh/kg and Lithium iron at 90/120 Wh/kg. Though the energy density of Lithium-ion is larger Lithium iron batteries have a higher and more efficient discharge rate


Both the batteries have long time storage and shelf benefits. Good batteries always need to store energy for a longer time with the same charge overtime. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can store energy up to 350 days and Lithium-ion can do it up to 300 days.

Safety benefits

Lithium iron phosphate batteries win the cup when it comes to the safety of a battery. Manufacturers always prefer Lifepo4 as their chemistry is stable. Even at high temperatures, the batteries stay cool. They maintain their stability even during rapid charging and discharging making them the optimal choice for security. Lifepo4 batteries do not generally experience thermal getaway.

Lithium-ion batteries with their high energy density make them unstable, they heat up quickly and experience thermal getaway. You might have noticed this in old mobile batteries building and rare cases blasting.

Another reason Lifepo4 batteries are safer is that their disposal can be better handled, the chemistry isn’t toxic, while chemistries for batteries like Lithium cobalt dioxide can cause severe allergies to skin if exposed and severe medical issues when swallowed. Lifepo4 batteries are non-toxic and can be disposed of easily by manufacturers


Lithium iron batteries are slightly bulkier than Lithium-ion and are used in applications like electric vehicles, military devices, stable electronics, they are less preferred in portable electronics where higher energy density is required. They are also preferred by manufacturers because their chemistry is cheaper, safer and can be easily disposed of.

Lithium-ion batteries are vastly used in portable electronics that consume more power like mobiles, laptops and tablet devices.

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Advances in technology have made Lithium at the top for the best energy source. Its long shelf life and a continuous source of power are why these two batteries are always preferred. Now Lithium batteries are a little pricey when compared to others, but Lithium Care can offer you the best prices there is in the market. 

Here is a keynote of all the points discussed above

  • Highest energy density – lithium-ion
  • Good energy density and lifecycle – lithium iron phosphate
  • Stable chemical and thermal chemistry – lithium iron phosphate
  • No thermal runaway and safe when fully charged – lithium iron phosphate
  • Portability and lightweight characteristics – lithium-ion
  • Long life: lithium iron phosphate and lithium-ion
  • Low costs: lithium iron phosphate

Lithium care only uses Lithium iron and lithium-ion batteries of the best quality and high lifecycles, we have frequent sales making our batteries newest and fresh.

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